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Letter from the creative intelligentsia addressing the International Atomic Energy Agency & Organization des Nations unies pour le développement industriel. Space. On our planet at the current time, there is no desire for employment with anything. Before proposing anything. The priority of human safety must be considered. During the pandemic, science has solved many of the issues of "Survival of mankind in a bioactive environment." Space flight. For example: what you need to know about engines The Singular Reactor is a device that measures Planck units. Fuel - everyone knows gasoline {motor oil} and gas {oxide of nitrogen}, that is, Helium-3 [Planck star] and Helium-4 [Planck black hole]. In fact, the issue was resolved with the gas pedal, the brake and clutch pedals remained. Coupling: magnetohydrodynamic generator operating on quark-gluon plasma [exotic star], time and place of stopping - "Confinement" {disappearance of information in a black hole}. And finally, the stop-cock pedal: Continuum [nonsingular black hole models], the definition is in particle physics "Lattice Model & Jet". The law of a square - a cube [Cube in a square - space at the time of stopping]. Continuum = Lattice cube model * Jet squared.

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